Trained on the discography plus a collection of unreleased works, ideas, and sound designs by IDM innovator and hyperglitch pioneer, Woulg.

World-class sound designer and electronic music producer Woulg gives us an unflinching look into his mind in this Artist Brain. Trained on hours of Woulg’s incredibly rich palette of sonic mayhem, this model summons the disembodied essence of glitch, IDM, and deconstructed club music that pounds through the firmament of Woulg’s latent space.
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Rob Clouth, with his unparalleled mastery over sound, has produced a prolific catalog of innovative and intricate music that stands unrivaled on the global stage of complex dance music, having coded his own software to create his sound design. This model taps into his discography, opening the door to a previously inaccessible realm of algorithmic sound.